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Difficult Puzzles, Easy Answers

Albert Einstien once said “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

I’m not going to lie or dice words in any way. Emoji 2 is one of the hardest games I have ever played. Now don’t get me wrong, figuring out 450 levels of this game took a lot out of me. In fact, I might be as bold to say that it was one the hardest challenges of my life. Through trials and tribulations, I was able overcome. Whats the secret? How did I do it? One simple trick:

 Become the Emoji.

Let me guess, this sounds silly to you. Do want to finish the puzzle? Then take my advice. Become the Emoji. How else are you going to find out what that emoji is thinking, doing feeling, even becoming? I kid you not making the face a certain emoji makes or pretending to be a chef or a firefighter or a nurse for a moment or two is very useful.

Yes, you will look like an idiot for a little but, but fear not, this technique works. First, it allows you to make connections to words or emotions you might not instantly think of. Secondly, this technique allows you to take a break from your traditional linear mode of thinking.

I understand you got a 780 on your math SAT, yet everyone needs a break. Your not the exception, chances are your brain is the rule.

So have you done it? Yes? It worked? Oh great! What did I say?

For those of you that didn’t have that response fear not. There is still an easy way for you to overcome this game. Don’t become the emoji, instead just head over to this website. We have all answers to emoji 2 and that list grows larger everyday. Become the emoji or cheat. It’s up to you, were not telling!